Easy online credit: a response in a few clicks

We will see how to get easy credit, and more simply what is the easiest consumer credit to obtain depending on your situation. Is it better to inquire about a  credit online or to go knock on the door of your banker? What are the steps to ensure that you get a favorable opinion without any unpleasant surprises? Everything you need to know to finance your projects without getting in the way.

Getting Easy Credit: The Big Steps

Getting Easy Credit: The Big Steps

An easy loan is above all a simple loan to repay, without affecting your daily life. Organizations do not take the risk of accepting a loan when a doubt remains concerning the applicant’s ability to repay. It is therefore unnecessary to aim for excessively large monthly payments when requesting it.

Here are the reasons why most applicants find it difficult to get a loan or choose an offer:

  • Difficulty in comparing offers: making the right choice on the basis of the best rate, the lowest monthly payment, or other criteria is not obvious. There are many offers for all amounts, always in very different conditions. This is the reason why we have developed an online comparator. Including all the most common consumer loans (personal loan, car loan, work, revolving credit), our comparator also offers buyout and home loan solutions.
  • Impossibility of providing supporting documents: supporting documents represent for many the main obstacle to obtaining rapid credit. We will list in this article the supporting documents generally requested by the organizations for each type of loan. In this way, no chance of being surprised when completing the file.
  • Difficult to understand contract: there is no easy credit to understand. In addition, consumer credit legislation is becoming more and more stringent, and therefore increases the obligations to be met by the lending organization for the benefit of the borrower. These obligations weigh down the contract and therefore complicate its understanding. Whichever organization is chosen, the contract remains similar. It is always important to read it well and understand the main points (conditions, insurance or not, rate and operation of the loan).

Find easy credit at the best rate

Find easy credit at the best rate

Our comparator provides easy credit, without false promises. Connected to all the major credit organizations, the system guarantees everyone a fast online credit response (favorable or not) as well as total transparency on the feasibility of the project.

The steps to apply for easy credit

  1. Enter your project, the amount and the desired duration on our comparator.
  2. Complete the four simple (and non-engaging) steps of the credit questionnaire.
  3. Our comparison shows the ranking of the three organizations offering the best rates. The best is questioned immediately and provides an answer.
  4. In the event of a credit being refused at the best APR rate (acceptability <5%), it is possible to query the organization ranked second as well as the third with one click. Two additional chances to get an easy credit agreement online.

Example of the results of a request for a 10,000 USD personal loan over 48 months. Bankate needs time to give its opinion, but Viloan accepts the loan at the same APR rate. The organization takes cognizance of the file. Confirmation of the request is expected by email within 24 hours.

How do I know if my credit is accepted?

Our comparator is connected to the main credit organizations, so it receives their decision without delay. This method therefore makes it possible both to obtain a classification of the best rates of the day actually offered, but above all several responses in a single form. It is therefore no longer necessary to go to several sites and waste an incredible amount of time filling out the same questionnaire several times.

Note : there is no immediate consumer credit.

Here is how to understand the decision screen of our questionnaire:

  • Thorough study : the body needs to check the details before deciding. He may return by email with a proposal within 24 hours.
  • Acceptability> 50% : the loan is accepted easily and without delay. An easily accepted credit confirmation is sent by email. The credit contract is sent to him by email as soon as possible.
  • Acceptability <5% : the criteria provided do not allow the organization to provide a favorable response. In this case it is important to seek advice from other classification specialists.

Good to know : some organizations do not offer the same final rate as that initially proposed, mainly when the file is being studied. To make your credit application easy to the end and maximize the chances of obtaining the best rate, we advise you to interview at least 2 organizations.

A reliable and independent comparator

The first step of the comparator is to inform your project

We are the only independent comparator to offer such a service. We want to bring the level of service and negotiation of a broker associated with the fluidity that the web allows. And even if we facilitate obtaining cheap credit easily, we also meet all the official criteria of the profession. As such, we are officially registered with ORIAS, the legal file for intermediaries in banking operations. Our registration is at the bottom of the page.

Choose your project well on our comparator

Choose your project well on our comparator

Here is a summary table of the types of projects proposed by our comparator. It would be a shame to be mistaken when starting your easy credit application.


Type of credit requested
What there is to know
New car / motorcycle loan
Proof of purchase or purchase order required
Used car / motorcycle loan
Proof of purchase or purchase order required
Personal loan
Credit without proof of use of money
Need money or loan all projects
    Rates identical to those of the personal loan for any request> 4000 €.
Works loan
Proof of achievement or order form required
Redemption of credits
To group several credits into a monthly payment that is easier to repay
Home loan
The best alternatives depending on the target project.
Any credit request below 4000 €
Proposal of the best revolving credit solutions.


Easy credit = revolving credit?

Easy credit = revolving credit?

Not all types of credits are as easy to obtain, some require more time to build the file or more supporting documents to provide. Overall, the larger the amount, the less margin the lender has. The risk is greater for him, involving scrupulous checks.

Real estate loans and loan repurchases are therefore logically those which require the most supporting documents. Supporting documents not only linked to the assessment of your repayment capacity, but also to your personal situation (accommodation, job stability, etc.).

The easiest consumer credit to obtain is revolving credit.

Indeed, revolving credit – historically called reserve of money or revolving credit – requires fewer supporting documents than its cousins ​​of the personal loan, car loan or other work loan.

It adapts perfectly to a small need for money, most of the time less than 4000 USD.

This credit has advantages and disadvantages. Its main advantages are its ease of access and its reusable appearance. It is indeed a loan granting a reserve of money available at any time. The latter makes it possible to manage unforeseen events by requesting an immediate transfer.

Easier to obtain credit represented by the absence of a tax notice to provide. However, this is not an easy loan without proof. Organizations generally just ask for the latest pay slips to check repayment capacity.

Easy credit, but at what cost?

The default of easy revolving credit is its cost: the revisable APR rate often comes close to the usury threshold (maximum rate authorized by the Banque de France). This is the reason why we always advise to repay this credit as quickly as possible.

This revolving loan is often the one offered by stores when they offer payment solutions. It is sometimes associated with the credit and loyalty and credit cards of major brands. Credit is however always managed by a specialist organization. For example, the Astro credit is managed by Viloan, that of Norauto by Bankate, etc.

Easy credit at the bank, is it possible?

Easy credit at the bank, is it possible?

Banks do not make consumer credit their priority, preferring to focus on their mortgage offers. Above all, banking establishments generally only reserve their loan offers to their customers, and very often only the wealthiest. After all, why wouldn’t banks issue easy credit? They know the customers well and a priori need less supporting documents to offer solutions.

Accepting consumer credit remains a complex step and is framed by law. For example, it is always mandatory to update the point with the potential borrower on his financial situation, even if he is already known and has a current account. Because the bank – or the credit institution – is responsible for ensuring the borrower’s repayment capacity. The latter must not hide anything from his situation.

These barriers to obtaining easy credit are not the last. It will also be necessary to constitute a credit request file in all cases, including at his bank. A file again including supporting documents.

The other important facet to understand about banks and easy credit is that it is not their main job. In any case for consumer credit. Banks cannot be specialists in savings, corporate finance, means of payment, stocks, mortgage and consumer credit at the same time.

This product is most of the time only intended to retain the best customers. Concretely, banks do not make consumer credit their priority. They take no risk when they have the slightest doubt. Better to turn to specialist organizations.

Easy loan is never obtained by chance

Easy loan is never obtained by chance

The ease of obtaining a loan therefore depends on each person’s profile and perception. Due to its vocation of transparency and simplicity, our comparator with immediate response provides a good overview of its ability to obtain a favorable agreement.

The APR rate still preferred

Our rankings are always based on the best APR rates actually offered by organizations on the day of the request. The  law on consumer credit defines the APR (annual effective annual rate) as the communication reference for any credit offer, from the moment it presents a detailed description of the offer.

All communications must mention this rate. The APR integrates the interest on the loan but also the possible administrative costs. If online credit organizations never apply it, this is not the case for banks. The APR rate ultimately shows the total and actual cost of the loan.

One should always be wary of comparators displaying no APR rate or a static classification, without any calculation.

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