Loan work at zero rate: eco-PTZ conditions and procedure

What are the solutions for obtaining a zero-rate work loan, under what conditions is it accepted? Everything you need to know about eco-PTZ, the 0% work loan intended to carry out work related to the energy transition. This article deals only with eco-PTZ and not with the zero rate loan integrated into a mortgage.

Zero rate work loan: eco-PTZ

Zero rate work loan: eco-PTZ

The eco loan zero rate work – or eco-PTZ – is proposed by the State to facilitate the financing of work related to the energy transition. Renewed until 2021, this 0% work loan rate can be obtained for a loan of up to $ 30,000, the amount depending on the nature of the work. Delivered by the banks, this zero-rate work loan has been granted under much more flexible conditions since the start of 2019.

The eco-PTZ in detail:

  • For who ? Homeowners or lessors and co-owners
  • For which accommodation? Any accommodation of 2 years or more at the start of the work
  • Types of work: related to the energy transition (see our summary table)
  • Condition: the work must be carried out by an RGE professional
  • Amount : up to $ 30,000 for a bouquet of 3 actions ($ 15,000 for a single action outside windows)
  • Duration: 3 years minimum, up to 15 years
  • Validity for an eco-PTZ request : at least until December 31, 2021

It is possible – since March 2019 – to obtain an eco-PTZ by carrying out only one operation in its accommodation. This loan is justified for example by the simple need to insulate its roof, or to change its windows.

What can eco-PTZ finance?

The zero-rate works loan in reality makes it possible to finance different types of development:

  1. Roof insulation
  2. Insulation of exterior walls
  3. Replacement of single glazed windows & patio doors to the exterior
  4. Installation of domestic hot water production using a renewable energy source
  5. Insulation of low floors overlooking basement
  6. Installation or replacement of a heating system
  7. Installation of a heating system using a renewable energy source
  8. Improvement of the overall energy performance of housing

For any other financing need, the best option is to approach a conventional work loan. Our comparator offers a ranking of the best work loan rates, as well as an immediate response in principle.


Eco-PTZ: the procedure for obtaining it

Eco-PTZ: the procedure for obtaining it

Here is the procedure for making an eco-PTZ request:

  1. Make quotes for the work to be done and estimate the energy gain, so that it is part of the loan.
  2. Fill out the borrower form (available here ) and contact a state partner bank. The majority of large traditional banks are able to grant an eco-PTZ.
  3. Obtain a favorable agreement to his loan request
  4. Claim funds – paid in one or more installments – upon presentation of invoices or quotes provided by professionals

Good to know: this zero rate work loan can be combined with the energy transition tax credit (ISCED), provided that the work is identical. It can also be combined with the many help from Anah.

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