Works loan: conditions and best APR rates


A work loan can be obtained in different ways, at very variable rates and conditions. We will see where to find the best work credit suited to each need (decoration, heating, roofing, etc.), but above all how to get an immediate favorable opinion. We can then discuss the case of the work loan integrated with a mortgage.

The different types of work loans

The different types of work loans

Whatever the type of work loan chosen, it is important to ask yourself several questions before getting started:

  • What type of work loan is best suited to my project?
  • Where can I find the best rate and monthly payments suited to my repayment capacity?
  • How do you make sure you get 100% financing, without going back or having a nasty surprise when you give your final answer?

Once the type of work loan most suited to his project has been identified, our comparator answers the other two questions. Connected to the best organizations, our tool is indeed capable of proposing an objective classification of the best rates of the day, but also of immediately questioning each of the three best specialists. These provide an immediate response in principle under the conditions of the simulation.

Our credit comparator allows you to compare the rates of different types of personal loans , but also to get an immediate answer in principle. No unpleasant surprises on arrival when the credit is pre-accepted (acceptability> 50%), provided that the information given on the questionnaire is correct.

Comparison of works loan rates

Comparison of works loan rates

We will see that the rates are different depending on the type of loan chosen, but especially that the offers are sometimes very variable between the main organizations. Illustration through a comparison of the rates of an earmarked loan of $ 15,000 over 60 months, as well as those of a personal loan (without proof) on the same criteria. Our comparison includes the best online job loan specialists.

It can be seen that the rates for so- called “assigned” (or justified) work loans are on average lower than those for personal loans. Above all, the differences in terms of total cost are very marked between the best online specialist and the third. It is practically possible to pay almost twice as much interest for the same work loan of $ 15,000. Comparing works credit rates is a priority.

Practical: the best organizations to finance its work


Reminder: the basis of a work loan comparison is always that of the APR (annual effective annual rate). It is on this legal rate that our comparator calculates its ranking, transparently. The search for cheap consumer credit begins with a comparison of APR rates.

The work loan in all its forms

The work loan in all its forms

Justified work credit

The work credit known as “allocated” or “justified” is a real loan dedicated to carrying out the work. It involves the majority of the time to justify yourself with invoices or quotes, and therefore to go through a craftsman or professional. Most credit agencies offer the work loan. Some, however, have no specific offer and simply offer a personal loan for work, without necessarily requiring proof.

This consumer credit can also be offered by the craftsmen who are at the origin of the quotes and will carry out the work. It can be a roofing credit or an extension credit. When a loan for work is directly taken out with a professional, it is the latter who receives the money directly.

What to remember about the works credit:

  • Proof to provide to the lender
  • Proposed by credit organizations, banks, specialized brands and certain professionals or craftsmen
  • Duration: generally 12 to 120 months
  • Amount: $ 1,000 to $ 100,000

The work loan is also found in certain forms of store credit. In fact, when you make a kitchen loan with major kitchen designers, it is in fact a work loan allocated to financing the kitchen.

In our comparison, you must select “Ready Works”.

Good to know: the zero-rate work loan , also called eco-PTZ, falls into this category. This loan is subject to several conditions of obtaining, in particular to carry out specific energy saving works with approved companies.

Personal loan for work

The personal loan is the most widely subscribed credit for all types of projects. His particuliarity ? There is no obligation to justify yourself regarding the purpose of your project. It can as well finance work, a car, or even afford a nice trip.

This loan is the logical choice when it is difficult to obtain invoices or quotes for work. This is particularly the case when you wish to carry out all or part of the work yourself. The personal loan is offered by all online credit agencies, banks and even some insurers. The best APR rates are generally the property of specialists such as Sofinco, Cofidis and other big names in consumer credit.

What you should know about the personal loan:

  • Without proof of use of money
  • Proposed by organizations, banks and certain insurers
  • Duration: 12 to 84 months
  • Amount: $ 500 to $ 75,000

The choices “loan for all projects”, “personal loan” and “need for money” from our comparator all lead to a simulation of consumer credit without proof.

The store works loan

The works credit is also available in stores. It can be found in two forms:

  • Assigned works credit
  • Store revolving credit card

Concerning the affected works loan, we have already addressed it in a preceding paragraph.

It is possible to get a work loan in the form of a store credit card. The best known of these in the sector are the Castorama card and the Leroy Merlin card. We can imagine that these cards are for small jobs.

You still have to be wary of these cards, backed by revolving credit. Indeed, these cards generally offer a first use in 3 or 10 times without charge, but the following uses are generally at the “normal” rate, namely around 20% revisable APR.

This form of credit is therefore very practical and more easily accepted on average, but it is important to understand what you subscribe to.

What you need to know about the small work in store credit:

  • Only for purchases in the sign in question
  • Proposed by specialized brands
  • Sometimes associated with a revolving and loyalty credit card
  • Amount: 500 to 3000 USD
  • duration: 3 to 36 months

Works credit with a mortgage

Works credit with a mortgage

It is the last family of what can be considered a work credit. Even if in this case, it is a real estate loan allowing to carry out work which is in reality subscribed.

To be able to obtain it, you must indicate to the bank that will finance the real estate project, the amount of work to be carried out. The bank will study a global financing file for the project: acquisition of the property and works. It is therefore essential to obtain quotes so that the bank accepts the financing of the works. You cannot generally get a better work loan rate, since the rate obtained is that of the home loan.

What you need to know about work credit in a real estate project:

  • Only their from a real estate purchase
  • Proposed by banks
  • Proof of work to be provided
  • Amount: unlimited
  • Duration: maximum 30 years

The choice “mortgage” on our comparator allows you to carry out a first simulation of your project.

Practical guide to work loans

Practical guide to work loans

State aid

The State has implemented several aids, mainly justified by a desire to facilitate energy savings. There are thus several aids in place:

  • Eco-PTZ (or zero rate works credit)
  • Energy voucher
  • The energy transition tax credit (CITE)
  • Anah’s aid for the lowest income
  • CAF aid for the most deprived

To go further: financial aid for energy renovation works.

What protections for the borrower?

Any consumer credit gives a withdrawal period of 14 days. This period starts from the moment the loan is definitively accepted by the lending organization. A withdrawal slip generally allows you to simply retract. In case of doubt, it is important to contact the lender as soon as possible to find out what to do. Our teams are also able to answer questions via the comment space at the bottom of this page.

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